Jax Gun Run Online Test

Welcome to your Jax Gun Run Online Test

1) Good training is essential prior to carrying a lethal weapon. ?
2) Situational awareness is an important part of personal defense ?
3) It is a good idea to practice some powerful verbal commands ?
4) Treat every gun as a loaded weapon, all the time ?
5) Do not point the gun at anything important (you could not afford to destroy) ?
6) Practice muzzle management (where the gun is pointed) all the time ?
7) Frame Finger! Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. when done shooting get your finger back off the trigger.?
8) Positive target identification is critical and essential before you shoot ?
9) Assuming anything about a gun or shooting can be a dangerous practice ?
10) It is a good idea to shoot someone if you suspect they have done something illegal ?