Top 5 Guns For Home Defense

Top 5 Guns For Home Defense

So we are now discussing the top 5 guns for home defense or they can also be used for self-defense. This is the subject that we have thinking hard about in terms of ideal guns for home defense as because there are lot of people that get a very sort of cow boy like attitude when it comes to home defense. In most of the cases people think that they need a big 500 magnum revolver or something like that. So here we are comparing different types of guns with each other so let’s get started.



This is a 12-gauge shotgun this particular one is a six shot. You can get the Mossberg 500 the Mossberg 590 a1 you can get the Maverick 88 all of these shotguns which have different prices. If we want to go in terms of quality the Maverick 88 is generally going to be the cheapest shotgun in their line these generally run about 269$. You can feed them with a variety of 12-gauge loads that’ll definitely suit all of your needs for home defense. The nice thing about shotguns is of course they throw a nice big spread so if you’re not familiar with them shotgun throws multiple pellets when you shoot it as. Shotguns give you a lot of flexibility in terms of how exactly you’re going to run a shotgun for home defense

Mossberg 500:

This is a 20 gauge gun. It’s a high capacity 20 gauge pump-action shotgun and you can also have the variety of 20 gauge load to run in this gun that are low recoil but still highly effective. It offers the same benefits as any other shotguns but in a slightly smaller caliber a little bit less kick a little bit less recoil allowing you to keep the rounds on target and this is a great gun. Shotguns are wonderful addition to the potential home defense arsenal so we recommended 20 and 12 gauge shotguns

Smith & Wesson governor: It has a new stainless variant. It is a very nice gun and has a typical very high quality double single action on any Smith & Wesson revolver. This is a wonderful gun the nice thing about it is that you can shoot 2 and ½ inch for 10 shots shells out of it or 45 colt ammunition and you can also fire the 45 ACP on moon clips so from a standpoint of home defense this gun is best for you

Glock 19:

Glock 19 is just a no-frills handgun that is very easy to shoot it’s easy to load and the slide is real easy to work. This is a real easy gun to load and shoot it’s easy to teach someone how to shoot. The Glock 19 is a very tough contender for a home defense gun because of those reasons easy to shoot and easy to load and also incredibly accurate and reliable.

Kriss Vector: It is a fine firearm. The bolt throw is really short its got the recoil reduction system basically the gun is actually engineered is to mitigate the recoil of 45 ACP. It has a 25 round extended magazine. You can also run a 230 grain expanding projectile. This particular rig has a very low recoil so very fast follow up shots and it has also got a flashlight on it, it has also got a red dot sight for better accuracy. It has also a folding stock. This is just the ideal personal defense weapon.