Private Instruction

Private instruction is available for beginner as well as advanced levels.

Up to four people can attend a private training session for the same price.

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  • Common reason for a Gunsmith
    Care and maintenance of your gun
    Restoration of the gun to its original beauty
    Gaining valuable insight and information from the gunsmith
    Customizing your gun
    When your gun is not working properly
    When You Don’t Have Time to Do Repairs or Maintenance Yourself
  • gunsmith advantages
    Your gunsmith will save you time and possibly money. It’s normal to want an expert to perform maintenance and regular cleanings. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your gun is in top working condition.

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The main responsibility of a gunsmith is to make sure guns are performing properly. A gunsmith specializes in building, designing, modifying, or repairing guns. This requires an extremely high level of craftsmanship.

To do modifications or repairs of guns, gunsmiths have to have the same types of skills that engineers, woodworkers, and machinists have. When a gun is not functioning properly, a skilled gunsmith makes factory-level repairs, restoring the gun to like-new condition.


Jacksonville Gun Runners is proud to offer several instructional courses for individuals of all skill levels. 

  • Concealed Weapon Permit
  • Private Firearms Instruction
  • Women’s Basic Beginning & CCW


Range Training Rules

Children below the age 10 are not allowed. All minors must attend while being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will sign all documents and stay with them at all times.
  1. Any weapon should be treated as if it is loaded at all times
  2. If you remove a gun from a holster, keep it pointed at the backstop at all times
  3. If you are not ready to fire, keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard
  4. Be attentive and careful all the time
  5. If you see a dangerous situation, report it to a range instructor directly
  6. Never use drugs or alcohol before or during your stay on the range
  7. All of your weapons must be discharged and safely encased before leaving the shooting tray.



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