Class Types

Concealed Carry Class

Our Concealed Carry class is the  best, first step to expand your knowledge of handgun safety. This training will improve your safety, self-defense skills, and help you gain confidence for future risks. We have highly skilled, and trained professional  NRA certified instructors that provide excellent teaching for all levels of experience. We can take your firearms skills to the next level.

Pepper Spray Class

Pepper spray is one of the world’s most often used, easily accessed,non lethal self-defense and crowd control tools. This class covers the basics to most important uses and training in situational awareness, methods of aiming, and decontamination techniques.

Beyond Concealed Carry Class

Whether you are a beginner or have experience, Beyond Concealed Carry can give you the confidence you need to safely practice self defense with your handgun. For those individuals/couples who want to expand on their hand gun safety and carry techniques, these private sessions will help complete your training.

Jacksonville Gun Runners: Personal Firearm Instruction

“Run the Gun” is Safe, Confident, and Effective gun management.

Jacksonville Gun Runners are here to teach you how to “Run The Gun!” Do you own a gun but are not sure if you could use it if the situation arose? We are here to change that. We will teach you to “Run Your Gun” so that you are safe, comfortable, and confident.

Jacksonville Gun Runners, the US Military, and all law enforcement agencies use the same teaching technique.  First they teach HOW to safely, confidently, and effectively operate a gun before any shooting at the range.  Learn to “Run Your Gun” from an experienced professional Instructor.

Announcing our NEW PEPPER SPRAY class!!! One and a half hours of essential training in how to use your Pepper Spray for real self defense situations and includes a pepper spray to take home. Online registration available. 

Training and Classes include: Concealed Weapons License Certification in a large group or enhanced setting, NEW Pepper Spray class, Beyond Concealed Carry, and Private, Individual, Group, and Family training, and Live fire range instruction is also available.

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