Beyond Concealed Carry Class


Our BEYOND CONCEALED CARRY classes teach you safe, confident, effective concealed carry techniques. Each of these 2 classes is 90 minutes long per class and cost only $45 per person per class Located at the Anytime Fitness classroom at 11915 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32246. No experience required. We will provide everything you need for this class. Our NRA Certified instructor will help you learn the basic mechanics of a handgun using our firearms and dry fire rounds, choosing the best option for holstering(how to carry concealed), and will use interactive drills with the SIRT laser training tool to practice drawing from concealment. You may bring your own unloaded handgun and empty magazine (NO ammunition allowed, all guns will be checked at the door). Law limits attendance age to 21 years and older (proof of age required).
BEYOND CONCEALED CARRY: HOW TO RUN THE GUN CLASS will teach how to safely check,load, unload, and store a handgun. How to safely operate a semi-automatic handgun or revolver. Advise on what gun and caliber of gun to buy.
BEYOND CONCEALED CARRY: HOW TO DRAW THE LOADED GUN will teach how to safely place a loaded gun in a holster, how to safely draw a loaded gun from a holster or concealment. What kind of holster will work for you. How to safely carry a gun in a purse, etc.

For current schedule and reservations please Contact Us by email or phone and leave a voice message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you Contact Us by email, be sure to include a phone # contact too.