Concealed Carry Class


Our Concealed Weapons License (CWL) class is 3 hours long and will satisfy the Florida Statute 790.06  requirements for the Certificate of Training (proof of proficiency) for you to apply for your CWL. Our NRA certified instructor will cover important topics including an overview of the Florida gun laws, firearms safety, situational awareness, and criminal thinking. We are uniquely qualified to teach you defensive firearm techniques using the SIRT laser training tool and our interactive drills. This class also includes the “live fire round” that is required by the State of Florida to “proof proficiency with a firearm” by “observed safe handling and discharge of a firearm”.

No previous experience required. We teach any/all levels of abilities. We provide everything you need to complete this class including free mail in application packet, website and phone information for application by appointment. No range fees, no need to bring any firearms or ammunition. Age requirements are limited by the law to persons 18 years and older. We can allow minors over 16 years old if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian that is also attending the class.