Best Concealed Carry Guns 2018

Concealed Carry Guns,

More People are carrying firearms than ever before and of those people that are carrying. Most of them are carrying some sort of subcompact 9-millimeter. Sub compact 9 millimeter weapons are by far the most popular carry weapons out there. These days there is an abundance of subcompact 9mm to choose from we’ve taken a look at a lot of them but what we’re going to discuss here best concealed carry guns in 2018 .

Ruger Lc9:

The Ruger Lc9s this is the LC 9 we have had these available for a number of years the S is the striker version. So in the striker version it’s the same gun if it’s the same accessories uses the same magazines but it has a short crisp 5 and a half pound trigger this has three dot wind adjustable sights a manual safety and a magazine disconnect. It’s also available in a pro version without the magazines safety and without the manual external safety. The S is the very important this is the striker fried model.


The FNS -9 compact FN Herstal came out with the FNS series 2 years ago and it has been exceptional every FNS that I fired has been an extremely accurate very reliable handgun. We love the FNS compact. What FN Herstal is done with these? They give us so many different options, they give you an external safety and also it comes up with the trigger safety. If you’re looking for concealed carry double stack subcompact 9-millimter the FNS 9 compact is really an awesome choice


This is a 12-gauge shotgun this particular one is a six shot. You can get the Mossberg 500 the Mossberg 590 a1 you can get the Maverick 88 all of these shotguns which have different prices. If we want to go in terms of quality the Maverick 88 is generally going to be the cheapest shotgun in their line these generally run about 269$. You can feed them with a variety of 12-gauge loads that’ll definitely suit all of your needs for home defense. The nice thing about shotguns is of course they throw a nice big spread so if you’re not familiar with them shotgun throws multiple pellets when you shoot it as. Shotguns give you a lot of flexibility in terms of how exactly you’re going to run a shotgun for home defense


Concealed Carry Guns,

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield:

It is a wonderful firearm very slim and easy to work just slide on it.  Some ladies prefer manual safety this gun does have a manual safety on the left side of the frame. So you have got a manual safety you’ve got sights that are easy to pick up and it has got a nice trigger and it has a very slim setup. It has also got a Plus on extension or a flat base magazine that can go in for concealed carry. The Women nowadays actually wanting to carry on their person every single day and not really in their purse. So lot of ladies are actually want to carry in the waistband holster on their thigh inside.

Mossberg 500:

This is a 20 gauge gun. It’s a high capacity 20 gauge pump-action shotgun and you can also have the variety of 20 gauge load to run in this gun that are low recoil but still highly effective. It offers the same benefits as any other shotguns but in a slightly smaller caliber a little bit less kick a little bit less recoil allowing you to keep the rounds on target and this is a great gun. Shotguns are wonderful addition to the potential home defense arsenal so we recommended 20 and 12 gauge shotguns

Concealed Carry Guns,

Kriss Vector:

It is a fine firearm. The bolt throw is really short it’s got the recoil reduction system basically the gun is actually engineered is to mitigate the recoil of 45 ACP. It has a 25 round extended magazine. You can also run a 230 grain expanding projectile. This particular rig has a very low recoil so very fast follow up shots and it has also got a flashlight on it, it has also got a red dot sight for better accuracy. It has also a folding stock. This is just the ideal personal defense weapon.

Diamondback db9:

It’s a 9-millimeter semi-automatic magazine-fed little pistol. The slide on this thing is relatively difficult it is a pullback and that’s something that’s going to be a big factor but it got an excellent trigger that does the trigger on that gun is wonderful and that’s an easy gun to shoot. It has decent little sight that pick up relatively easy. Women’s can easily carry this gun with their bra holster.

Smith and Wesson J-frame:

The J-frame guns they are simple, reliable and generally they are great guns. The problem with j frames they sort of have a u-shaped utility curve so if you are never going to take  class never going to learn how to shoot never going to do anything with a gun other than by unloaded stick it in a sock drawer. The j frame is probably the best choice for you because it is the easiest you put it on target and that’s how you get five shots out of it easy peasy and in the middle where you’re trying to learn how to shoot well and become a good shooter.

Tiffany Blue Handgun:

When it comes to sized and comfortableness, the all new Tiffney Blue Handgun allows the best of both worlds. Typically, with pistols of these attribute, the design of the handgun does a poor job of adjudicating issues concerning felt recoil. This firearm can cause discomfort for shooters who are not familiar with shooting pocket-size framed pistols. Seasoned gunmen are familiar with this and line up their grip, but have to work harder to keep the pistol on target. The design of the new G43 allow for a more comfortable and confident shooting experience for all types of users.

Kahr CW9:

Brought out by Kahr Arms, the CW9 is represents as one of the 1st pistols or hanguns especifically designed for concealed carry and it’s also one of the best guns for people wo have small hands. Although it is a pretty simple design without a lot, the bells and whistles, the CW9 is still a impressive choice as a for small hand people. It’s reliable and precise handgun and can often be purchased for less than $400, which is plus point for those on a strict budget. In Addition, the CW9 also uses a seven round single stack magazine. The CW9 significantly thinner, which is good for people with smaller hands. At 0.9″ wide, the CW9 is among the thinnest handgun to choose from.

Well a major problem with the CW9 is that it has a pretty stiff recoil spring and some people feel difficulty on racking the slide on it. Nevertheless, it’s a nice self-protection handgun.

Bersa Thunder 380:

Made by Argentine firearms manufacture Bersa, S.A and weighing only 20 ounces when unloaded, this lightweight and small semi-automatic is chambered in the ever-popular .380 ACP caliber and able to literally slip into your pocket. Boasting both single and double-action trigger modes the single mode only requires 4 pounds of pressure to shoot, meaning it’s got some serious accuracy when used properly. Sharing some features with the compact Beretta and the Walther PPK- it sells for half the price but doesn’t compromise on cool factor. It’s an extremely popular gun in South America due to it being the most powerful cartridge allowed to be owned by civilians. It’s easy to maintain and smell as hell, just like everyone like it.


You may have heard this called by its more common term the XD extreme Duty. However, the HS actually stands for Hrvatski Samokres(which translates to Croatian Pistol). There’s a reason for that this series of semi-automatic pistols is made and manufactured in Krlovac, Crotia by the HS Product Company. Although it’s marketed as the Springfield Armory XD- that only denotes where it’s licensed and sold in the United States. It’s adopted Croatian military and police this locked breech, short recoil-operated, striker fired semi-automatic pistol is lightweight and considered especially safe for the user to operate. With a huge variety of options and variations, this one is a sure fire.

Frequently Asked Question FAQs

What guns are used for concealed carry? 

Concealed carry guns are typically compact and easy to conceal. Popular choices include semiautomatic pistols like the Glock 19 Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and Sig Sauer P365. Some also favor revolvers such as the Ruger LCR for their simplicity and reliability.

What is the most accessible gun to conceal? 

The ease of concealment depends on various factors, including body type clothing and personal preference. Generally, smaller and slimmer handguns, like subcompact semiautomatic pistols or snub-nose revolvers are easier to conceal. The specific model that’s easiest to conceal can vary from person to person.

What does EDC stand for in guns? 

EDC stands for “Everyday Carry” in the context of firearms. It refers to the practice of carrying essential items, including a concealed carry gun on your person every day for personal protection or preparedness.

What is the most popular concealed carry position? 

The choice of concealed carry position varies among individuals based on comfort accessibility and concealment. Some popular positions include inside-the-waistband (IWB) at the appendix (AIWB), strong-side hip carry 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock small of the back 6 o’clock or in an ankle holster. The most popular position can differ depending on personal preferences and body shape.

Where is the safest place to carry a gun? 

Safety when carrying a concealed firearm is paramount. The safest place to carry a gun is in a high-quality holster that covers the trigger guard and securely retains the firearm. The choice of carry position should prioritize safe muzzle direction and minimize the risk of unintentional discharges.

What pistol does the army use? 

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the U.S. Army primarily used the M17 and M18 pistols, both of which are variants of the SIG Sauer P320. However, firearm choices for military and law enforcement agencies can change over time, so I recommend checking the most recent information to confirm the current sidearm of the U.S. Army.