Best Concealed Carry Guns for Small Hands

Concealed Carry Guns,

The 9millimeter guns are the most common caliber used for concealed carry guns. It’s the most powerful and cheaper than .40 and .45 calibers. And mostly cops have 9mm pistols even mostly law agencies recommend to use 9mm pistols or you can also check 9mm pistol prices here. Sometime you heard this word “smallest 9mm pocket pistols” actually these kind of guns are relatively cheap and small in size and it’s very popular in the US to buy these guns as they provide you complete protection and security.

Ruger Lc9’s:

The Ruger Lc9s is the LC 9 we have had these available for some years, the S is the striker version. So in the striker version, it’s the same gun if it’s the same accessories uses the same magazines but it has a short crisp 5 and a half pound trigger this has three dot wind adjustable sights a manual safety and a magazine disconnect. It’s also available in a pro version without the magazine’s safety and without the manual external safety. The S is the very important this is the striker fried model.

Ruger LCP:

The Ruger LCP with the laser on it and got a Crimson Trae Laser. These type of little guns are robust, and they’re accurate. They are very reliable, lightweight, smaller and compact and it contains a very decent trigger. They are relatively easy to pull the slides back on you and got a faster reload. And good about the laser too is that the sights on this gun are kind of hard to pick up because there’s really no sighting options for this kind of them and it’s built into the slide so laser on the gun is very nice feature and it has also got an on/off button for laser.

Glock 42:

The 380 Glock and no the 9 mil Glock we actually prefer this gun to the 9 mil Glock and to most small single-stack 9 millimeter for one reason it’s easier to get hits on target out of subcompact guns the terminal ballistics of manual is somewhat compromised they’re not compromised all the way down to the level of 380 But I prefer this gun because it’s easier to shoot well and it’s extremely easy to conceal you can make a Glock 42 disappear all in anyone regardless of their size. And its the best 9mm pocket pistol of all time.

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Glock 43:

Now, this is an extremely popular conceal and carry a handgun, it is similar with the Glock 19 but there are few difference among them. This gun is also a budget-friendly handgun the Glock 43 comes in under $500 and it’s a very nice and reliable gun. With Smooth design and perfectly made for concealed carry. IT comes up with 6 rounds capacity. It’s got everything that you would expect from Glock. So if you are the guy with smaller hands then it’s specially made for you.

Kahr Arms P380:

All car pistols are American made in Worcester Massachusetts the car p38 E-series has been one of the most anticipated and highly sought-after pistols in the history of car arms. This diminutive shirt pocket-sized pistol provides accuracy capabilities and ease of operations seen only in much larger pistols car. But now the p380 series rewrites the benchmark for an ultra-concealable fully capable combat pistol car has incorporated all of their six patented features. Its weight is 9.97 ounce without a magazine, overall length 4.9 inches. 3 quarters of an inch making the p380 the thinnest pistol in our production line, it uses a textured black polymer frame which incorporates stainless steel. The Kahr Arms p380 has already been approved for use by several major metropolitan law enforcement agencies the P380 is the latest firearm from car arms a company that has proven that high quality extremely accurate full caliber pistols can be very small.

Kel-Tec P3AT:

The Kel Tec P3AT is the smallest gun on the market today.T his is a small polymer framed pistol which is easy to carry and reliable. This is a double action only hammer fired pistol. After firing gun, the gun may need to cycle before you can fire again so it doesn’t have second strike capability but it is still considered a double action only. Its weight is 8.3oz. Its barrel Length is 2.7 inches and has got the length of 5.2 inches with a height of 3.5 inches. When it comes to price it may cost only $200. The really light on features but they’ve got it where it counts and that is you can stuff this thing in your pocket.

It’s the best gun for senior citizens and ladies and also for those guys who got smaller hands.

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Taurus Curve:

The actual design of the gun is curved itself. This gun is strictly a concealed carry gun it’s got the clip on the side of the gun and that is really a good option you can just put this gun with your side pocket or can also be stick to the back. Barrel length is 2.5 inches. Taurus Curve weighs only 10.2 oz. Its clips size is 6 and it’s relatively in a smaller size

SIG Sauer P238:

This gun is too easy to carry than Glock 19 gun. It’s a very accurate and 9mm pocket pistol handguns. These Kind of “Pocket Pistols” are in great demand nowadays because they are easy to carry. It is based on the 1911 design and available in different colors. It’s a single action trigger handgun unlike most commonly used as double action trigger. After firing gun, the gun may need to cycle before you can fire again. You may get it in $677. Its weight is only 5 Pounds or 15oz. and has a capacity of 6 magazine clips which can be extended up to 7-round magazine capacity

Double Tap:

The Double Tap is a double-barreled Derringer Pistol designed for personal protection and manufactured by Double Tap defense LLC the name come from the Double Tap Shooting technique in which 2 rounds are quickly fired before engaging the next target. Double Tap does have two barrels both rounds are not fired simultaneously as under ATF regulations any weapon firing more than one round per trigger pull is considered a machine gun the Double Tap fires the first round on the first trigger pull and the second round on the next trigger pulled thus delivering the double tap. It carries 2 chamber rounds. Its weight is 15 oz. and comes up with barrel length 3.0 inches (Stainless Steel). It’s originally manufactured in the USA and it comes up with shiny Aluminum Frame.


All of these guns are the 9mm pocket pistol guns and in most of them are manufactured in the USA. All of them provides the great firepower rate and when it comes to reliability they are extremely good and reliable. So it depends on the customer that which type of gun he/she needs, you may need to choose your gun wisely.

Frequently Asked Question Concealed Carry Guns (FAQs)

What guns are used for concealed carry?

Concealed carry enthusiasts often choose compact and subcompact handguns for their ease of concealment. Popular choices include semi-automatic pistols like the Glock 19 Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, Sig Sauer P365 and revolvers like the Smith & Wesson J-Frame models. The specific gun used depends on individual preferences, hand size and comfort.

What is the easiest gun to conceal?

The easiest gun to conceal typically depends on factors such as the clothing you’re wearing, body type, and personal comfort. However, small, single-stack semi-automatic pistols or snub-nose revolvers are generally considered easier to conceal due to their compact size.

What does EDC stand for in guns?

EDC in the context of firearms stands for Everyday Carry. It refers to the firearms, accessories and equipment that someone carries with them on a daily basis for personal protection or preparedness.

Is Glock 17 good for concealed carry?

The Glock 17 is a full-sized handgun, which may be more challenging to conceal due to its larger frame and longer barrel. While some individuals with larger body types may successfully conceal it, many people prefer smaller Glock models such as the Glock 19 or Glock 43 for concealed carry due to their compact size and lighter weight.

Is Glock 17 stronger than Glock 19?

In terms of strength, the Glock 17 and Glock 19 are very similar because they share the same basic design and caliber (9mm). However, the Glock 17 typically has a longer barrel, resulting in slightly higher muzzle velocity and potentially better accuracy at longer distances. The choice between them often comes down to the intended use and concealment considerations.

Is Glock 17 safe?

Yes, the Glock 17, like all Glock pistols, is designed with multiple safety features, including a trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety. Glock pistols are known for their reliability and safety features, and they are widely used by law enforcement and civilians for self-defense. Proper handling and adherence to firearm safety rules are essential to ensure safe use.