Best Concealed Carry Guns For Small Hands

Everybody needs two handguns you need your main carry gun something full sized reliable and accurate like a Glock or something, and then you need something small and concealable for a backup gun. There are a lot of choices you could get a baby Glock, but actually we don’t like them because they are really thick, they’re bulky they’re hard to conceal, they’re over just overall too big, they usually come in a 9 millimeter or 40 and especially the 40 Cal. So we are now discussing the best-concealed carry guns for small hands.

  1. Beretta 3030:

It’s a really, really good gun. It’s been around for a long time, and it’s been carried by the police department for a long time. It carries eight round seven of the magazine and one on the tube 60% more than your pocket revolver. This gun has some fantastic features. It’s a concealed carry gun it also called go bag gun or safe deposit box gun. And in our scenario, it is the best concealed carry guns for small hands.

  1. Glock 42:

The 380 Glock and no the 9 mil Glock we actually prefer this gun to the 9 mil Glock and to most small single-stack 9 millimeter for one reason it’s easier to get hits on target out of subcompact guns the terminal ballistics of manual are somewhat compromised they’re not compromised all the way down to the level of 380 But I prefer this gun because it’s easier to shoot well and it’s extremely easy to conceal you can make a Glock 42 disappear all in anyone regardless of their size.

  1. Ruger Lc9’s:

The Ruger Lc9s this is the LC 9 we have had these available for a number of years the S is the striker version. So in the striker version, it’s the same gun if it’s the same accessories uses the same magazines but it has a short crisp 5 and a half pound trigger this has three dot wind adjustable sights a manual safety and a magazine disconnect. It’s also available in a pro version without the magazine’s safety and without the manual external safety. The S is the very important this is the striker fried model.

4. Bodyguard 38:

This is a 38 special revolver from Smith & Wesson is an excellent choice. Because it’s very easy to operate it’s got the crane release on the top of the frame which is easy to very simple and straightforward and it’s ambidextrous, and also it has got a laser. The lasers are an excellent addition to a concealed carry or for defensive pistols. These weapons are reliable and small and easy to carry. Revolvers are an excellent choice because of the reliability and their ease of maintenance. Enroll in Pepper Spray Training and be a part of us, and get rid of carrying Guns…

  1. Sky CPx2:

This is a very interesting gun. Sky makes this gun with a pink frame and stainless barrel and slime. It’s a double stack 9-millimeter semi-automatic and holds ten shots in the magazine stainless. You can carry this gun in purse or waistband or anywhere. This gun has one of the best warranties in the industry. This gun is lightweight and reliable.

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  1. Kahr CW9:

Brought out by Kahr Arms, the CW9 is represented as one of the 1st pistols or handguns specifically designed for concealed carry, and it’s also one of the best guns for people who have small hands. Although it is a pretty simple design without a lot, the bells, and whistles, the CW9 is still an impressive choice as a for small hand people. It’s reliable and precise handgun and can often be purchased for less than $400, which is a plus point for those on a strict budget. In Addition, the CW9 also uses a seven round single stack magazine. The CW9 significantly thinner, which is good for people with smaller hands. At 0.9″ wide, the CW9 is among the thinnest handgun to choose from.

Well a major problem with the CW9 is that it has a pretty stiff recoil spring and some people feel difficulty on racking the slide on it. Nevertheless, it’s a nice self-protection handgun.

  1. Smith and Wesson J-frame:

The J-frame guns they are simple, reliable and generally, they are great guns. The problem with j frames they sort of have a u-shaped utility curve so if you are never going to take class never going to learn how to shoot never going to do anything with a gun other than by unloaded stick it in a sock drawer. The j-frame is probably the best choice for you because it is the easiest you put it on target and that’s how you get five shots out of it easy peasy and in the middle where you’re trying to learn how to shoot well and become a good shooter.

So these are the top 5 guns that women can use or you can simply named them as best concealed carry guns for small hands and anyone can carry them easily. Take your concealed carry weapon and feel safe and when it comes to danger don’t hesitate to use it.