Best Picks for 9mm Self Defense Ammo

Best Picks for 9mm Self Defense Ammo

9mm Self Defense Ammo, short for ammunition, is any kind of bullet or warhead used in weapons. If you own a pistol or gun in Florida, understanding the types of ammo and their relevance to the Concealed Weapons Permit in Florida is crucial.

And if you are a concealed carry owner, then we know that you would prefer the round of 9mm. The reason to prefer this ammo is because of its recoil and size. Many companies manufacture the 9mm ammo and we too had a difficult time selecting the best self defense 9mm ammo.

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  • Winchester PDX Defender 124gr + P: 

This ammo is so impressive that it is used by the FBI as well because it produces deep wounds. 

  • Federal 124gr HST:

This ammo hits with the energy of 364 pounds, which is enough to get halfway through a 5 inches concrete wall and that is why it is the best choice of many law enforcement.

  • Magtech Guardian Gold 115gr + P:

It has the muzzle velocity of 1,246 feet per second and it is considered as the fastest and the best 9mm self defense ammo of 2020.

  • Speer Gold Dot 124gr

It hits with the energy of 327 and provides the muzzle velocity of 1,150 and with all these, it is still resistant towards core-jacket separation.

Hornady Critical Duty 135gr + P

This ammo can do a lot of damage because it hits with the energy of 369 pounds and provides the velocity of 1,110, due to this, it is for giving decent penetration.

Best 9mm Self-Defense Ammo for Glock 19

  • Gold Dot 9mm 115gr

It is best for a short barrel.

  • Magtech Guardian Gold 9mm 115gr

It provides the best expansion.

  • Federal HST 9mm 124gr

It provides the best penetration.

  • Federal HST 9mm 147gr 

It is recommended as the best 9mm ammo for self defense by different law enforcement. 

  • American Eagle 9mm 115gr

It is recommended as the best self defense ammo 9mm by the civilians. And it also said to be the best self defense ammo for m&p shield 9mm.


Above are our best picks for all kinds of pistols and handguns. All of them can be easily availed and all of them are somewhat affordable. The best part is that all of them can do some pretty bad damage to your defense.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

What 9mm ammo is used for self-defense?
The most commonly used 9mm ammo for self-defense is the 9mm Self-defense ammo. This type of ammo is designed to provide maximum stopping power while ensuring safety for the user.

Is the 9mm a good self-defense round?
Yes, the 9mm is considered a reliable choice for self-defense. Many people prefer the 9mm Self Defense Ammo because of its effectiveness in stopping threats.

What ammo is best for self-defense?
While there are various types of ammo suitable for self-defense the 9mm Self Defense Ammo is among the top choices due to its balance of power and control.

What ammo does the FBI use in 9mm?
The FBI uses several types of 9mm ammo, but one of their preferred choices is a specific type of 9mm Self Defense Ammo known for its reliability and stopping power.

What bullets do 9mm shoot?
9mm guns shoot bullets designed for various purposes but when it comes to self-defense the 9mm Self Defense Ammo is the most recommended.

What 9mm do special forces use?
Special forces use a range of 9mm pistols and they often choose high-quality 9mm Self Defense Ammo for their operations due to its effectiveness.

What is the most used pistol in the military?
Different militaries around the world have their preferences, but many use 9mm pistols often loaded with 9mm Self Defense Ammo for their standard sidearm.

What pistol does the army use?
The specific pistol used by an army varies by country. However many armies globally trust 9mm pistols especially when paired with reliable 9mm Self Defense Ammo.

What is the most common gun used in the military?
The most common gun used in the military varies based on the country and its requirements. still 9mm pistols often loaded with 9mm Self Defense Ammo are prevalent choices for sidearms.