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Watching the news lately has really reinforced what I have been saying with a sense of urgency; the need for personal security self defense products and self defense training. You can’t be sure that some of the recent deaths could have been avoided; however it’s possible they could have been avoided by carrying personal security self defense products and having self defense training. Being prepared can ward off a lot of tragic, terrible circumstances, and possible save your life. It gives you the element of surprise your attacker isn’t ready for. They approach you thinking they have the upper hand until a shot of pepper spray hits them right in the face or a Taser renders their bodies useless or a palm heel strike to the face takes them back giving you the opportunity to flee. Every time I hear or read about such atrocities it makes my skin crawl.

The unfortunate part is that even though we have some of the finest trained police officers in the world they aren’t always there in our time of need. I can’t stress enough how important it is to carry personal security self defense equipment and have self defense training. I would strongly recommend practicing with your personal security self defense products so you are ready and able to handle your equipment. You need to take action now, so you don’t wish you had purchased that for you, your spouse, or your children after the fact. By being prepared with the proper equipment and training can you put the odds on you or your loved one’s side

In my opinion a Taser is the best product for personal security and self defense today; owning a Taser comes with responsibility and training. Pepper spray is the next best thing. Both can accomplish what you need; a chance to get away from your attacker.

Here are some reasons I believe Tasers are awesome personal security devices.

Neuromuscular Incapacitation: They actually disrupt your assailant’s nervous system rendering them useless.
They are a non-lethal weapon that can be carried in most states. (“TASER devices are not considered firearms by the US Government. They can be legally carried (concealed or open) without permit required in 43 states. Prohibited citizen use in DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI, certain cities and counties. CT and IL are legal with restrictions. Check local laws before purchasing or carrying electronic control devices.” Courtesy of Taser International.)
They work from up to 15 feet away. Giving you a comfortable space between you and the attacker.
They can penetrate up to 2 inches of clothing. This makes it great for even cold climate areas.
A hit on any part of the body can be effective; which allows the stressed filled person to hit their target. Practice, practice, practice is still the best policy.
They are one of the most reliable forms of self defense equipment.
Anti-Felon identification makes the product great for keeping people from using them irresponsibly.

Here are some reasons why I believe Pepper Spray is a wonderful personal security device.

The effects; Pepper Spray causes the eyes to seal with tears, nose to run, excessive coughing, shortness of breath, and extreme burning sensations. Taking the fight right out of a person.
Pepper Spray doesn’t just wipe off. In fact rubbing can intensify the burn.
Concealment; Pepper Sprays are available in many forms. From the key chain spray to pens, lip stick and even pagers. There is a Pepper Spray for every situation you may need it for. Home use, traveling, jogging, walking, work etc.
Light weight easy to carry.
Affordable. Pepper Spray definitely gives you the best results for the price.
Range; some spray’s are good up to 25 feet.
Easy to use. There isn’t a lot of training required. Again practice, practice, practice.
Each product has its own relevance to each situation you encounter. In my opinion both Pepper Spray and Tasers are great for helping you keep your distance and enable you to flee. Now all that being said there is no cure for every situation and there can be draw backs to these products i.e. pepper spray in extreme wind can cause blow back. In light of that being prepared and trained with the right products just might save your life. If you want to increase your odds of survival even farther take a self defense class.

Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self defense is before something happens! You, your loved ones and closest friends’ deserve to be more about to attend a canceled carry class benefit 

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Q: What is the best self-defense item to own?

A: The best self-defense item to own largely depends on your personal preferences, comfort level, and the specific situation. Common options include pepper spray, personal alarms, and self-defense keychains. Firearms and martial arts training can also be effective, but they require thorough training and legal considerations.

Q: What is self-defense products?

A: Self-defense products are tools or devices designed to help individuals protect themselves in situations where their safety is at risk. These products can range from non-lethal items like pepper spray and stun guns to more lethal options like firearms. The choice of self-defense products depends on the level of protection you require and your comfort with using them.

Q: What weapon is good for self-defense?

A: The choice of a self-defense weapon depends on various factors, including your comfort level, the laws in your area, and your training. Common self-defense weapons include pepper spray, personal alarms, tasers, and firearms. It’s essential to receive proper training and understand the legal regulations associated with any weapon you choose.

Q: What is a self-defense kit?

A: A self-defense kit typically includes a combination of self-defense products designed to help individuals protect themselves in various situations. These kits may include items like pepper spray, personal alarms, tactical flashlights, and even training materials. A self-defense kit can be customized to meet your specific needs and level of preparedness.

Q: Why do girls use self-defense?

A: Girls, like anyone else, use self-defense techniques and products to enhance their personal safety and security. Self-defense training empowers individuals to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations, and it provides valuable skills and confidence. It’s not about gender but rather about ensuring personal safety for everyone.

Q: How do I start self-defense?

A: Starting self-defense involves several steps. First, research and choose a self-defense method or product that suits your needs and interests. Look for local self-defense classes or trainers if you prefer hands-on training. Practice regularly to build your skills and confidence. Always prioritize safety and adhere to legal regulations when using self-defense items or techniques.