Do All Gunsmiths Provide the Same Services?

Gunsmiths Provide,

How to Find the Best Gunsmith

A gunsmith is a specialized trade that requires a high degree of skill. It is important to understand that not all gunsmiths are equal in terms of quality, mastery of gunsmithing, and experience with all types of firearms.

Gunsmiths are true artisans. Jacksonville Gunsmith specializes in all areas of gunsmithing.

When you’re looking for a gunsmith to repair your firearm, ask the gunsmith if he specializes in that type of firearm. Not all gunsmiths are trained to work on every type of firearm.

There are some gunsmiths that specialize in certain guns. If you have that particular gun, going to a specialist makes sense. If your make and model are different, you will want to look for a gunsmith that repairs or works on all types of guns.

Get References of Gunsmith

Most gunsmiths do not work on every type of firearm. Get references, if possible. If you can look at prior work, this may give you an idea of the craftsmanship and expertise of the gunsmith.

It takes time to produce excellent craftsmanship, and gunsmiths must know how to use a wide variety of tools. You’ll get the best gunsmith if you research the quality of work and the reputation.

What Are Some Reasons Gun Owners Bring Guns to Gunsmiths?

There are many reasons firearms owners need the services of a gunsmith. Below are some of the most common reasons:

  • Ensure proper functioning of the gun
  • Cleaning of gun
  • Adding to an existing gun
  • Crafting a new gun
  • Repairing common gun problems such as:
    • Missing Parts
    • Improper Assembly
    • Safety Mechanism Malfunctions
    • Deformed Firing-Pin Tips
  • Engravings

What Are Some Different Categories Gunsmiths Specialize In?

Experienced gunsmiths do much of the work on guns listed below and can make many modifications to most firearms. Some gunsmiths choose to specialize in one of the following categories:

Custom Gunsmith Designer

If you want a gun custom-built to your specifications, this type of gunsmith has the expertise to do it. Custom gunsmith designers often create guns for sharpshooters, sports shooters, or even a customer that wants customized elements added to a gun.


A finisher specializes in applying chemical processes to the gun. The steel portion of the gun requires corrosion-resistant layers. A process known as case hardening may be applied to low carbon parts.


Stockmakers carve gun stocks from wood. Taking the size of the customer into account, this type of gunsmith crafts the stocks to fit the customer. The gunsmith then attaches the wood stock to the metal parts of the gun.


Just like the name implies, checkerers are gunsmiths that use specialized saw-like checkering tools to create ornate patterns in the grip area of the wood on the gun. The patterns resemble small diamonds.

Gun Engraver

Gun engravers are gunsmiths that specialize in using hand tools to engrave designs onto the metal surfaces of the gun. Gold or silver can be inlaid on the engraving.


A pistolsmith is an expert in pistols and revolvers. To be a pistolsmith, the gunsmith must have mastery of skills such as woodworking, metalworking, metal finishing, machining, and checkering.

Specialized Gun Manufacturer

A specialized gun manufacturer is a niche gunsmith who typically specializes in manufacturing specific gun parts. These gunsmiths may manufacture parts such as trigger assemblies, locks, barrels, and receivers.

Not All Gunsmiths Provide the Same Services

There are as many specialties of gunsmiths as there are firearms. Most gunsmiths are experts at the care and repair of guns, but if you have a specialty firearm, you may want a gunsmith that specializes in that specific gun.

Whether you need a repair to your gun or want to restore a firearm to like-new condition, Jacksonville Gunsmith is ready to assist. Visit us online at Jacksonville Gunsmith.