Five Reasons For Women To Own A Concealed Carry Purse

Concealed Carry Purse,

The headlines can be frightening. Break-ins, carjacking’s, robberies. Across the country, women are signing up for self-defense classes at record levels. Many women are considering the purchase of a gun for additional protection. Omen, in fact, are the fastest growing demographic of concealed carry permit holders. Women are also the fastest growing group of gun purchasers in the country. In nearly every state, courses that teach firearm safety are full and often have waiting lists.

If you are trying to decide whether or not to concealed carry weapon, here are some reasons to consider:

* Carrying a weapon means that you can protect yourself and your family at all times

* Learning to use a gun is a useful life skill

* Self-protection is the responsibility of every woman, and a gun is a great step in taking charge of your own protection

* If the worst happens and you become the victim of a crime, you will likely be very glad you are carrying a gun

* A gun can also be used as a deterrent


If you decide that carrying a concealed carry is the right decision for you, the first step is to check the CCW laws in your state. Some states have fairly easy regulations and some are very strict, making it difficult, if not impossible to obtain a permit. Be sure to get the required training.

Most CCW class instructors suggest that women do not purchase a weapon until after they have completed a training class. Instructors often believe that women benefit from trying different weapons during class and figuring out which guns they like to use the most. Some women prefer a small handgun and others like the feel and power of a large weapon.

The method of concealment needs to be considered. Holsters are the most popular concealed carry method for men. A holster needs to be comfortable and needs to keep your weapon out of sight at all times.

However, even though women are the fastest growing market for purchases of weapons, few holsters are manufactured specifically for women. Asking other women which holsters they use can be helpful in finding a comfortable holster. Using the internet can also be a great resource.

The most popular method of concealment for women remains a purse.  Here are five reasons why purse concealed carry remains the concealment choice for most women:

Concealed concealed carry purses contain special pockets, pouches or concealment areas designed specifically to hide and holster a gun. Most CCW purse manufacturers build a holster right into the handbag. A quality CCW purse allows easy grasp and draw of the weapon while providing a sturdy platform and hidden compartment Many purses also contain a lockable zipper, helping women keep guns away from their children .Although carrying a concealed weapon is a big decision, it is every woman’s job to take responsibility for her own safety. For many women, carrying a gun is the right choice to protect themselves and their families and a CCW purse helps them keep the gun within reach at all times. There are now online classes available for concealed carry class