Why You Need to Carry a Gun ?

It’s a question you have likely been asked at one point or another by someone who doesn’t understand why you would feel the need to carry a firearm in this day and age. After all, we live in a free, safe and modern society, where we have police officers and social workers to protect us.

What was your answer? Why You Need to carry a Gun ?

  • Because a bullet moves faster than a cop car – Obviously the sarcastic approach.
  • Because you can’t carry a police officer on your hip – Again, sarcasm overload.
  • Because it is your Constitutional right as an American citizen – An appeal to the Constitution, the law and your rights as a citizen. In other words, why not?
  • Because you are free to do so. After all, people have died for your right to be able to do so, and those who came before us carefully crafted the laws that allow us to exercise this freedom.

In case you have to shoot someone – Seriously. The most succinct answer you can give, and, indeed, the most literal and direct reason for carry a weapon.

Because there are soldiers carrying overseas to protect us from tyrants. You want to carry a weapon here to protect them from coming home to tyrants – Stand up for our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces, ensure that the values they are fighting for abroad are continuously upheld at home.

Because there are criminals out there who don’t care about you or your family, who will go to any length to take what is rightfully yours, including your life – Another of the most straightforward answers. There are bad people out there. You might not think it can happen to you, but what if you or your family is threatened? If you don’t have a firearm on you, your defenses are greatly diminished. With your gun, you stand a much greater chance of protecting and saving yourself and your family.
Your answer may be one of these, or it may be something else. Either way, you know why you need to carry and if applicable, you know why you need to carry concealed. It’s a personal decision that many of us are thankfully free to make.

Take a moment to think about why you carry a concealed weapon. Feel free to use one of the answers above when someone asks you why you carry. Whether you prefer the sarcastic answer or the serious answer, you’ll have a good, weighty reason to give to anyone who questions you.

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