Pepper Spray : Best Tool For Self Defense

No matter what type of self defense you learn or how you learn it, there are tools that will help you to stay safer and better protected. This is a principle taught in any military self defense class. Today, people learn self defense in all types of different ways. Some learn with the help of a self defense video; some take martial arts as a way to learn kicks and strikes. When it comes to really learning to fight and handle an assault, though, military self defense seems to be a clear winner.

Although there are many ways you can protect yourself in the face of danger, pepper spray is an item that is legal to carry in all states and can be concealed in a pocket or purse easily. This tool is not tied specifically to military self defense, martial arts, or even specifically tied to women. Anyone can carry this spray as long as they do so within the confines of the law. Before you buy pepper spray as a self defense weapon, you need to be sure to check with local laws.

Pepper spray is recommended for anyone who can legally carry it primarily because there is simply no other tool that you can use as quickly for an effective distraction. Pepper spray uses the component that makes cayenne peppers hot. Being sprayed with pepper spray leads to intense burning of the skin, eyes and nasal passages. One good shot of spray and your would-be assailant will be floored for no less than 20 minutes; giving you plenty of time to get away to safety.

It is important that you take steps to learn self defense in addition to carrying pepper spray. Using this tool does not take the place of any other self defense techniques you can learn through a good military self defense class or even through a self defense video or DVD program. Regardless of how you learn; the point is that you learn. Sometimes you can find a military self defense class that will incorporate training with tools such as pepper spray. Here are some tips for using pepper spray.

• Maintain your awareness. This is why it is recommended to still take a self defense class in addition to carrying pepper spray. You need to learn to be aware of your surroundings. You also need to carry your spray in a place where you can easily get to it, such as clipped onto your belt or onto your purse. If you have to fumble around to reach it, you may not get the chance.

• Use a warning before you let loose. If someone is making a move towards you, you should face them and state loudly and clearly “I have pepper spray!” You can also give a warning that you are going spray. Sometimes the verbal warning – and the sight of pepper spray aimed at their face – is enough to stop an assailant before they get physical.

• Hold your stance. Again, this is a reason to actual take a self defense class. When using pepper spray, you need to have your hands up and you need to face your attacker. When your hands are up, you can protect your own face from any mist hitting you.