Pepper Spray Online Class in Florida.

Pepper spray is the most popular non lethal self-defense product of choice for both men and women. This is because a defense spray is convenient to carry, easy to use, and effective at stopping attackers. While it is legal in most areas, some state have restrictions how and where your may purchase it.

To get full benefit of personal defense spray, you should enroll yourself in a short online course. To learn the pros and cons, and to practice. You will find online classes on Jacksonville gun runners Florida or in your local yellow pages. Look up self-defense to practice. Look up self-defense classes, online gun safety classes, community programs or public law enforcement classes.

You`ll want to learn about different types of pepper mace spray, pepper gel, and pepper foam the pros and cons of each, how pepper spray works on an attacker, and how your surrounding and weather can affect how the spray works. You may even get the chance to be pepper sprayed yourself so you know what it feels like ( it is not recommended . You might chok, cough and burning sensation on your face) or to see what the effects are on someone volunteers to be sprayed.

First, id you`re threatened and you feel the need to use your spray, hold up your canister and make sure you know you`re going to use it. Taking a stand and then not using it puts you in a very weak position. Your attacker will not take you seriously and will mug, attack, beat, rob or rape you as try to back away. Hold it out in a defensive and determined manner, and shout at him/her. Do not let
him/her see fear on your face only anger and aggression must be shown to attacker.

Second,Jacksonville gun runners instructor make teach you know how to release the safety lock so that you can use it. Some pepper spray devices have a safety flip-top you need to open, some have a plastic slide, and other larger models have a pin you need to pull out. After you purchase pepper spray, take a good look at it and familiarize yourself with its safety features.

Third Jacksonville gun runners instructor will teach how to aim. You certainly don`t want to spray the canister backwards. the results will be disastrous. Aim the canister directly at your attacker`s if possible and immediately spray. The spray canister will shoot out a stream or cloud of spray or foam, depending on your model. Wave it back and forth to cover the area around his face. Keep spraying and empty the can if you need to. Next run for help and call emergency services.