Top 8 Best and Reliable 9mm Handguns


Concealed 9mm Handguns(2019)

9mm handguns are considered as one of the world’s most popular handguns for the self-defense in different calibers for open and concealed carry. The reason for its popularity is much but one of the top in them is their size and calibers.

According to the survey conducted in 2017, there are more than 3000 different models of 9mm pistols are available in the American concealed carry handgun market. If I state an estimate of the maximum availability of 9mm models than there are near about 5000 different models exist in the market. As well as, there are near about 16 million folks exist in the USA, whose first priority to have a handgun is 9mm. Now the time is yours that which gun you wanted to have for your self-defense and why? In this blog, we have stated our top priorities regarding concealed carry 9mm Guns, which proves the best in different poles and competitions at the end of the year 2017. The completions that are organized are based on three steps such as:

  1. Pocket Pistols
  2. Compact Pistols

Let’s start discussing some of the top models of 9mm which prove themselves as a best!

Smith & Wesson M&P9 2.0:



In the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol, the organization has made some changes and launched this with another model number Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0. In the latest model they have changed the strength of the frame, they trim the top slide of the pistol into downside, add an extra stippling near the hand grip with a heavy metal, the beaver which is on the pistol is now removed in the latest model and also it is available in the small front serrations. The Smith & Wesson is the Later 2017 Best Concealed Carry 9mm Handgun According to “Washing Ton Post

This Smith & Wesson M&P pistol is one of the very comfortable pistols which gives a good feeling when you hold this in your hands. Its shoot is also very smooth because of its reliability.

Springfield Armory 9mm Handguns XD (M):

It is available in less price than the HK in the market but another good thing is that it is just the same as the Glock. This Springfield Armory 9mm XD (M) has a strong performing compact and also it is the first choice of many individuals. This handgun is the best solution to save you money and use this anywhere else because this gun is much cheaper than many others. This pistol is fully loaded with a number of latest features and also this handgun has the ability to shoot flawlessly. You will enjoy shooting from this. Try this and believe it! Some people Says that it’s the best firearm when it comes to concealed carry. However According to a survey 64% Americans thinks that it’s the best concealed carry 9mm handgun due to its size, and easy to carry.

Glock 19:


The reason behind the popularity of the Glock 19 is its reliability and smoothness. It is one of the most popular and biggest market share handgun in the United States. This handgun is loaded with fired polymer frame pistol that none of the other same class handguns has. This gun has created a standard for its whole class of handguns. The Gen 5 Glock 19 can be defined as it has many latest and modified features such as it has an attractive grip, slid and barrel. As far as, it has a rail that permits the gun to the flashlight and also there are many accessories which are given with its box when you purchase this

Glock 19 (9mm Handgun) is the Favorite and best choice for youngsters, due to its shape, size and price this gun is relatively a most selling gun of 2017. However, When It Comes to Concealed Carry People loves Glock 19.



HK is the short form of Heckler & Koch and Heckler & Koch VP9 is an absolute gadget for the striker fired weapon. This handgun has interchangeable grip panels and back straps. As well as, this gun is considered as one of the smoothest and best comfortable 9mm handgun/Firearm available in the recent market.

As well as, this Heckler & Koch VP9 has many other latest features such as a 5.4-pound trigger, a striker fired indicator, luminescent 3 – dot sights and Ambi controls. It is also available in the small package with all the features that it has and its new name is VP9SK. If you will compare Heckler & Koch and Glock with each other than both of them give different feeling when you will fire a bullet from them but it is much hard for me to describe that which one is better than other. Because in my point of view both of them are stunning.

Glock 43:


The most sailed and market share holder handgun of 9mm is considered as Glock 43. It is a single stack subcompact which 9mm offers with six rounds. This handgun has a frame made up of polymer, it is not much heavy in weight and also it does not have much bigger size. Both of these specs made this handgun a perfect choice for concealed carry.

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The STEYR S9A1 is available in a stunning out-of-the-box trigger and also it has a matchless sighting system from Australia. Maybe you will face some kind of hurdles while finding the best holster of STEYR S9A1, but when you will experience its specs then you will definitely enjoy this and wanted to keep this on the long-term basis.

H&K P30SK:


H and K P30Sk is a modular version of concealed carry. This handgun has based on the P30SK which offers the shooter to hold this with full of its intentions and also it is available in 27 different combinations.

S&W M&P 9C:

Smith & Wesson is considered as a positive image holder series in the history of 9mm. But Smith & Wesson did a lot much hard work to launch their M&P series. This handgun came with absolute ergonomics and an excess of accessories which gives it a lackluster trigger. Many gun holders compare this handgun Glock 19. As well as, this Smith & Wesson I M&P 9C is the first choice of many law enforcement agencies for their backup handgun in any harsh situation.

 Best 9mm Concealed Carry Guns For Self Defense:

As we have discussed above the best-concealed carry 9mm handguns they can also be used for self-defense. However, When it comes to self-defense you need some small handgun which can easy to carry and has the ability to pull out quickly without wasting any time.

Majorly here are the list of best 9mm Guns for Self Defense

  • Glock Guns
  • Heckler & Koch P30
  • Taurus Curve
  • Beretta Gun

Difference between 9mm Handguns and 45 Handguns:

It’s all Depend on Guns caliber the 9mm is a cheap and high penetration bullet, with 9mm bullet you can provide target much higher damage and due to its firepower it’s much better than .45. However, the .45 is expensive and only a few guns can fire this caliber bullet. It’s expensive and less penetrative. According to a survey, it believes that 68% of the guns has the capability to fire both rounds (9mm& .45) and those guns capture 89% Shares in the Gun Industry.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Why are some people buying 9mm handguns now?

People are buying 9mm handguns because they are popular have less recoil and the ammo is widely available and affordable.

What are some well regarded handguns that fire rounds larger than 9mm?

Some popular handguns that fire bigger rounds than 9mm are the 45 ACP like the Colt 1911 and the.40 S&W like the Glock 22.

Is it possible to use one 9mm luger handgun magazine in all 9mm Luger handguns?

No not all 9mm magazines fit every 9mm handgun.each gun model often has its own specific magazine design.

How many new 9mm handguns don’t have safety?

Many modern 9mm handguns have built-in safety features but not all have manual safety switches. The exact number varies by brand and model.

Are there different sizes of 9mm handguns?

Yes, 9mm handguns come in various sizes from compact for concealed carry to full size for law enforcement and military use.

Do all 9mm handguns use the same ammo?

While all 9mm handguns use 9mm caliber ammo there are different types of 9mm rounds, like 9mm luger and 9mm NATO. It’s essential to use the correct ammo for your specific gun.

Are pawnshops a good place to buy handguns? (.380 or 9mm)

Pawnshops can offer good deals but it’s essential to know about guns before buying. Check the gun’s condition and ensure it’s legal to buy in your area.