How to Use Pepper Spray Complete Guide

Pepper spray as a self-defense weapon can be very effective. All of a user first needs to understand what is pepper spray. Pepper spray is also called OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray due to capsaicin it contains. The amount of capsaicin spray contains determines how it’s hot.

OC is an inflammatory agent. This means that the capillaries dilate in the mucous membranes of the body. The eyes swell and tear and can cause temporary blindness. Breathing will be limited. A pepper spray to face attackers immobilize and give you plenty of time to escape.

spray for self-defense is legal, but some states have restrictions. Always check with your state before you buy a pepper spray. After buying an OC spray it is wise to practice with it so you do not fumble too if you happen to be attacked.

Here are some tips for using your self defense pepper spray effectively. Spray in your hand and place your thumb on the top of the spray while facing away from you.

If attacked, get the cum in her face attackers and sweep in a back and forth while walking backwards away from the aggressor. A fog is caused due to the scanning motion and if you miss the faces of the attackers, he will cross the fog coming after you.

We hope you got the spray in the mouth and eyes. The spray can stop it all together, but will slow enough that you can get away. Do not try to watch what happens to the attacker spraying. It’s time to defend your self or to flee. If you are hit by the jet, you can relieve pain at home with honey, sour cream, milk or paste of water and baking soda.

To throw even more off your attacker, many pepper sprays are available disguised as lipstick, pens on chains and key pagers. all pepper sprays not have the same level of heat so it is wise to investigate the strength before buying.

The purpose of a defensive spray is to disable an assailant or escape a dangerous situation. So once you hit your target do not stay there . Leave and seek help immediately.

Some sprays have practical cartridges that you can use to get used to the distance , the method of purpose and disbursement . Remember, this is a new product for you to practice with it is almost a necessity

Pepper spray can be valuable as a self-defense device, but it can also be very harmful weapon. You can get in trouble for using it without just cause. Be careful with it and follow basic safety rules.