Are There Legal Requirements to Become A Gunsmith?

Become A Gunsmith,

If you’re interested in Become A Gunsmith, it’s not surprising. Gunsmiths have been highly regarded for hundreds of years as skilled craftsmen. Jacksonville Gunsmith handles all your firearms needs including repairs and modifications.

There are legal requirements to becoming a gunsmith. The following are general tips and guidelines, but you’ll need to check with the regulations in your area to confirm the exact steps you must take.

What Is Required to Legally Become A Gunsmith?

There are several steps required in order to legally work as a gunsmith. You will want to have training, and most gunsmiths today do that by completing a gunsmith program.

Background Check

First, you’ll need to successfully pass a background check. Convicted felons, anyone judged to be mentally incompetent, convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, or anyone with a restraining order is not eligible for gunsmith programs.

Complete A Gunsmithing Program

There are programs of study ranging from certificate programs, which normally take about six months to complete, to two-year college associate degree programs. Gunsmithing programs are offered at technical schools and community colleges. You can also train as a gunsmithing apprentice.

Get a Federal Firearms License

In order to become a gunsmith, you need a federal firearms license. This license allows you to perform maintenance on guns, repair firearms, and sell guns. The federal firearms license does not authorize you to carry a gun.

Once you finish your training or gunsmith school, you must submit a request to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for ATF Form 7/7CR. You can also download the four-page form from the ATF website.

You will need to provide your business details and answer questions about what type of a license you are seeking. There will be a fee to pay. There are nine different types of licenses. Type 1 is the license for working with revolvers, rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

There is also an interview with a local ATF agent. The ATF agent will ask you questions, including whether you ever violated the Gun Control Act. If your interview is successful, you will receive your federal firearms license in the mail.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Thinking of Becoming A Gunsmith?

  • The most obvious question is, do you enjoy firearms? Are you fascinated by how they work? Do you know all the different models and makes?
  • Are you able to do technical work for long periods of time?
  • Do you enjoy woodwork?
  • Do you enjoy working with metal? Gunsmith workshops have saws, mills, grinders, and other metalworking tools.
  • Are you willing to work for a modest salary to do what you love?

At Jacksonville Gunsmith, we enjoy what we do. Gunsmithing is a rewarding career. If you need help with your firearms, visit us at our Jacksonville, FL location or online at Jacksonville Gunsmith.