Buying Pepper Spray : Few Things to Remember

Among the different self-defense tools and devices pepper spray is very popular. It is actually an efficient and excellent way of protecting yourself against any potential attacker if the need arises. People tend to prefer pepper spray over other possible protection devices as it is the easiest to use and is totally nonlethal. It is a device which is quite portable as well and can be carried from place to place in a bag or a purse quite easily. So, if you are thinking of buying pepper spray for yourself then please do keep reading; I would like to inform you about the same.

The first place that I recommend you to look is the Internet as it saves both money and time. Also, it is extremely easy to compare quality and prices on the Internet and you will also be able to browse through all the options you need while buying pepper spray. However, before actually starting your search it is recommended that you get acquainted with the self-defense laws in your area, so that you are completely sure about the legal matters and its technicalities. Most of the times, you will find that there are hardly any restrictions regarding the use of the spray. However, in some areas the user is required to take classes or get a permit. Furthermore, some places may even have certain rules and guidelines concerning the kinds of pepper spray allowed or very rarely the pepper spray may be banned altogether. The easiest and best way of finding all the information you need so as to avoid any problem in future is calling the police station. You will get all the information about the different self-defense devices that a person is allowed to carry and other formality like if getting a permit is compulsory and such other requirements on the same lines.

Buying a self defense spray is actually quite simple. You just need to acquaint yourself with the technique of how it works. OC or oleoresin capsicum is the main ingredient used in pepper sprays. You just need to check the ingredients once so as to ensure that this is present in that particular brand of pepper spray. Also, remember that all concentrations of OC are not the same and you can definitely ask the shopkeeper about it. Generally, 17% concentration is the recommended level and this is quite effective as well. If you go for higher concentration the spray will be too thick and the lower concentrations will not make it strong enough. However, it is always better to opt for higher concentrations than lower concentrations as your safety is at stake.