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Crossbreed Holsters,

These are very different kind of holsters to carry your concealed weapon. It is a kind of hybrid and a tuckable holster at the same time. You can say that it is hybrid holster because it is a combination of Kydex and leather. We have tried our level best to give you the best crossbreed holsters review, you will read about the content below:

  • What are the things to see when buying a crossbreed holder?
  • How to maintain crossbreed holster?
  • What are the clip options and what are their purpose?
  • What size of belt is best?
  • How can you adjust the retention of the holster?
  • What is the different between combat cut and standard cut?
  • Are there different leather options and what are their benefits?
  • What are the pros of crossbreed holsters?
  • What are the cons of crossbreed holsters?

What are the Things to See When Buying a Crossbreed Holder?

There are 10 things that you need to see before buying crossbreed holsters:

Quality of Crossbreed Holster Supertuck

Like we mentioned earlier that this is a hybrid holster and the one that have the best quality, they are made up of super durable Kydex and cowhide leather. The benefit of cowhide leather is that it becomes very limber and it provides extra comfort when it is on the body.

The thicker it is, the more flexible it will be. The cowhide leather quality matters a lot when you are in a country area which is mostly hot because it adjusts to different environment and body temperatures.


Provides All Day Comfort

Get the kind of crossbreed holster IWB that provides comfort even when you are comfort when you are walking, bending, crawling, sitting, exercising and even when lifting. It is a fact that leather is a poor conductor of heat but you can get solace if you buy a crossbreed holster belly band. It uplifts all your uneasiness.

  • Super Concealment 

The first requirement of any holster is to fulfil the need of being tuckable and it should provide concealment. It should be a kind of a holster that should be invisible to others and you should be able to withdraw the weapon fast.

  • Adaptability

This is the kind of holster that can fit to any kind of body because it is very flexible. There are people who are fat and they look for specific kind of holsters, they ca buy this one and forget about buying the expensive ones.

  • Safety

This is the best holster for providing the best kind of safety measures. It covers the gun triggers and the barrel fits completely in the holster. Due to its well-designed combat cut, it provides the best safety grip.

  • Access

Unlike other holsters that require a lot of time in reholstering, with this holster, you can just use one hand and with that done, you can also access the gun fast.

This is best for use for people who are always traveling and they need to access the weapon with one hand while driving with the other hand.

  • Ease of Taking off and Putting on

The best part about this holster is that either you wear it anywhere on your waist, it will still become easy for you to take it on and off. All you have to do is practice a lot.

  • Accommodations

Unlike other holsters, you have to buy a larger pants, but when you buy this holster, you don’t have to buy larger pants because they fit inside any size of pants very easily.

  • Retention

It provides very firm retention, for example, if you hold your holster upside down while the weapon is inside the holster, it will not fall. And even if you are running or moving fast, it will not fall.

How to Maintain Crossbreed Holster?

Keeping a holster nice and shiny is a mystery for some and men who think that being shiny and blingy is for ladies, well this is where you need to think again. Because holsters have a lot of sweat and dirt on them and for that you need to maintain them, you need to the following things in order to maintain them:

  • Use leather conditioner. This is available at any small mart as well. You must use the conditioner at least twice a month.  But remember not to use it regularly or do not exceed more than thrice a month or else it will damage the leather, because it is a strong detergent.
  • If you think that the holster is becoming smelly, it is because of your body sweat, first you have to put it in the sunlight. And if you are in a country side where the sun comes out very less, then you have to dry clean the holster and let it dry.
  • You can also use body oil to maintain its shine and you can also use saddle soap to clean the dirt away.

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What are the Clip Options and What are Their Purpose?

There are basically four types of clips:

  • Snap Lok: this is the most standard styled clip. It has a spring clip which is made up of steel and it attached over the belt. This is also the most stable type of clip options. This clip works best with sturdy leather belt. 
  • J-Hook: this is kind of clip that is attached with the waistband pants, with the hook underneath and behind the belt as well. This works best with belts that are thin or the belts that are made up of woven or nylon fabric material.
  • V-Clip: this clip has no hook or any kind of steel clip because it is attached using a Velcro and it is attached to the back of the belt. 
  • Ulti-Clip: this is a kind of clip that doesn’t require a belt to be attached with. 


What Size of Crossbreed Belt is Best?

The basic thing that you need to do is measure you belt with a measuring tape. Measure from both ends. The crossbreed holsters have seven holes in it for the purpose of sizing. But it is always best that you buy a holster or a belt that has one or two holes extra because every manufacturing company has a different measurement way.

How can You Adjust the Retention of the Holster?

Almost all the companies provide lifetime warranty when it comes to adjusting retention. Holster is mostly sent back to company to get the retention adjusted or you can contact any nearby ammunition store, they also know how to do it. But if you want to do it yourself, you will need the following things;

  • Drill or a screwdriver.
  • Damp and cool rags.
  • Heat resistant gloves.
  • Your weapon (make sure it is unloaded and the barrel is empty).
  • Hair dryer.
  • Your holster.

These are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: first unload your weapon in the holster.

Step 2: remove the clips, if they are and if they are not cover them with a damp and cool rag.

Step 3: cover all the leather and Kydex with a cool and damp rag.

Step 4: leave the indentation for the trigger guard area and also on the ejection port area too.

Step 5: turn on the hair dryer and slowly heat the trigger guard area. The leather and Kydex will start to loosen up or you can say that they can get soft.

Step 6: lift the looser or soften area slowly why drying.

Step 7: Use the heat resistant gloves to push back the trigger guard and it will become deeper and shallower.

Step 8: if the Kydex is becoming shinier, it doesn’t mean you are doing a good job, it means that it is on the verge of melting, immediately stop and let it cool down.

What is the Different Between Combat Cut and Standard Cut?

Most of us by crossbreed holsters but there are a lot of things that you need to see, you can see for yourself, we came up with a lot of things (like above and more you will see below). All these things matter from a person to person and when you buy a crossbreed holster, you need to see what type of cut suits you, see the difference below:

  • Combat Cut: this means that some part of the leather has been cut from the grip area and only exposing leather behind the frame of the gun and from the slide area. 
  • Benefits of Combat Cut: this enables a person for fast weapon access. 
  • Disadvantage of Combat Cut: it is not very comfortable.
  • Standard Cut: it is a full-sized backer of the holster which not only covers the whole of the weapon but it also becomes a barrier between the weapon and the body.
  • Benefits of Standard Cut: it is very comfortable.
  • Disadvantages of Standard Cut: you have to put extra effort in pulling out the weapon out.


Are there Different Leather Options and What are Their Benefits?

Although there are several kinds of leathers but there are only specific ones that are used for the manufacturing of crossbreed holsters, learn more about the types below:

  • Cowhide Leather: these kinds of holsters are also available in different colors. This leather is cut according to the customized shape of the weapon for providing the best support. 
  • Premium Leather: it is a kind of leather that is thin but that doesn’t mean it will be not durable, this being thin also provides the best longevity and has more retention and stiffness as compared to other leather types. 

It can get through different moisture and temperature because of its density but remember that it is NOT waterproof. This is best for people who live in the hot part of the country. It takes a lot of time to expand, so you can imagine how much tightness it can provide.


  1. Premium Plus Leather: this is a kind of leather which has the outer layer of vegetable tanned up to 7 ounces and it is not dyed nor it uses any kind of lacquers. For its outer layer, the manufacturers use natural oils for making it look shiny and this shine lasts longer as compared to different holsters.

It is put under pressure for giving the best and an attractive look and design. But this comes in limited colors; dark chocolate brown to light brown mocha.

Because of its natural oils it can resist moisture, tough and extreme weather conditions and sweat. The natural oils also help the leather in adjusting with all skin types.

What are the Pros of Crossbreed Holsters?

You must be knowing about all the good things about the crossbreed holsters but we would like to tell you more about the advantages of buying crossbreed holsters, read about them below:

  • Stability: since they have clips on two sideways, they not only provide firmness and good grip but they provide the best stability at the waist band. Unlike other holsters in which the weapon keeps jolting around, this is the best holster because it doesn’t tilt the weapon. Since it stays at a single point around the waist band, it means that they allow the person to quickly pull out the firearm, no matter in which position they are.
  • Comfort: since weapons are hard and when you wear the holsters, their backs tend to touch the skin and irritates a lot. But when you buy a crossbreed holster, they cover the weapon as a whole, they actually become a shield or you can say a barrier between the skin and the weapon.
  • Customization: either you are a fat or a thin person or your weapon is big or small or you want to have extra pockets for keeping more ammunition or magazine or bullets in them, you can have a customized crossbreed holster for yourself. And that is also why these are called hybrid holsters.

What are the Cons of Crossbreed Holsters?

Even though there are many kinds of advantages but just like everything, there are disadvantages as well. But these disadvantages can be overcome as well,

  • Putting Them on and off: some people complain that it takes a lot of time while putting them on and off. Because these holsters are big and wide, it becomes confusing sometime.
  • Price: there are some cheap holsters but there are different problems with the cheap holsters as well, like consistently cleaning or washing them and with that they become very rigid. Then there are expensive holsters and they require a lot of maintenance as well. Some require very expensive oils.
  • Large Size: for some who have no problem with it being bigger but it can be a problematic for those who have smaller guns. And people who have smaller guns, they need to get a customized holster which becomes very expensive. You can always search for cheap crossbreed holsters for sale, and you will find different companies. Or there are different companies who give advantage that if you are buying a holster for the first time, they give discount by sending a crossbreed holster promo code.
  • Wrapping and Wearing: like we mentioned before that it is big in size and people have a hard time wearing it and since they have an extended leather backing, it can sometimes get between the skin causing pinching sensation and some people have also complaint of different skin rashes. If a person has short arms, he or she will have hard it wrapping it in a single go.


We have tried our extreme best to provide you all the information when you are about to visit the market and buy a crossbreed holster for yourself. But you have to try all these things and also see or try out the necessities we have mentioned because at the end of the day it is your call.