Safety of Taser Gun And Boomer

As millions of Baby Boomers reach retirement age, they are acutely conscious of the growing need for effective self-protection. Since stun guns save lives on a daily basis, they are the most effective non-lethal weapons on the market today.

For gun-phobic elders, stun guns are an excellent choice. They provide the necessary level of protection without the lethality concerns associated with firearms. Many people do not want to be responsible for taking the life of another, even in the process of saving their own. However many people think shooting is used for stress relief and socializing.

o Stun guns come in a wide array of sizes and shapes which make it possible for anyone to carry adequate self-protection. The variety of stun guns ranges from small flashlight- or cell phone-shaped weapons to the sort of bulky protection police officers carry.
o Firing a stun gun is as easy as pulling the trigger. Not only is there no loud “bang” to startle the user, there is no recoil, a significant consideration with ordinary firearms.
o TASER fire small probes up to 15 feet which neutralizes the assailant before he gets close enough to assault the intended victim. When the pair of barbs connect with the assailant’s clothing or skin, a shock is delivered, neutralizing the perpetrator.
o Stun guns have a proven record of saving lives without placing the victim in harm’s way. By delivering the debilitating shock at such a great distance, likelihood of contact is greatly reduced.
o By using the Electro-muscular Disruption (EMS) technology TASER stun guns jolt the assailant’s central nervous system which controls their skeletal muscles.
o Police forces around the world are adding stun guns to the list of approved non-lethal weapons for their officers because of their effectiveness.
o Firing a TASER stun gun for a second time (if necessary) only requires a simple reloading of a cartridge, which can be accomplished before the assailant has time to recover. Ideally, the intended victim will make use of the assailant’s “down time” to leave the area and contact the appropriate police or security force.
o Stun guns are available in a broad range of price points, making it easy to fit into any budget.