Top 5 Concealed Carry Guns


Sig Sauer p229:

9-millimeter this gun is in the same size as a Glock 19 meaning it is easy to conceal it holds the same number of rounds as a Glock 19 meaning it has plenty of ammo on board it is a little bit heavier. It has an aluminum frame which I kind of sort of prefer a little bit it comes from the factory with night sights which are better that the Glock 19 and it is inherently better for my preferred method of concealed carry appendix carry because it has a hammer on it when you go to holster this gun at the appendix carry position you can place your thumb and put it into your holster safely. These guns are our favorite and great.

Gen 4 Glock 19: This is the 9mm 15 rounds small enough to be easily concealed by any normal sized human being or even a midget. The weapon of choice for the United States Special Operations community well the handgun of choice for them what’s not to like everything? It is a great except for the factory size. We can easily mess around with the trigger a little bit because we don’t like the chin for trigger as much as the gen 3 trigger but again that’s all personal preference.

Smith & Wesson M&P: Smith & Wesson 9mm just come out with the new 2.0 M&P guns which all of the reports I’ve reports I’ve heard are they are phenomenal and absolutely recommended. I think the original and again the new 2.0 for two quarter inch 9 mil and then P is absolutely one of the top three carry guns on the planet it is reliable. The new ones are accurate 80 is easy to shoot well it holds 17 rounds which is really not that big gun and almost anyone can carry it concealed. I think these are great guns I have nothing there’s nothing really bad about these guns the only thing that I change really on them is a mess around trigger a little bit picky.

Glock 42: The 380 Glock and no the 9 mil Glock we actually prefer this gun to the 9 mil Glock and to most small single-stack 9 millimeter for one reason it’s easier to get hits on target out of subcompact guns the terminal ballistics of manual are somewhat compromised they’re not compromised all the way down to the level of 380 But I prefer this gun because it’s easier to shoot well and it’s extremely easy to conceal you can make a Glock 42 disappear all in anyone regardless of their size

Smith and Wesson J-frame: The J-frame guns they are simple, reliable and generally they are great guns. The problem with j frames they sort of have a u-shaped utility curve so if you are never going to take class never going to learn how to shoot never going to do anything with a gun other than by unloaded stick it in a sock drawer. The j frame is probably the best choice for you because it is the easiest you put it on target and that’s how you get five shots out of it easy peasy and in the middle where you’re trying to learn how to shoot well and become a good shooter.